Front Frame Brace


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Is the front of your frame denting and bending? Are the nuts trying to rip through the thin sheetmetal? Are the upper tabs trying to leave the frame entirely? We’ve seen this and worse problems on almost every ’84-’89 truck we see. The stock mounts are simply not up to the task of holding a decent bumper. Does a .090″ thick sheetmetal piece full of holes seem to be strong enough to mount a winch bumper too? Heck, no! And to make matters worse, the factory welds holding in the crossmember usually leave a lot to be desired.

The solution? Our new Front Frame Brace. The large plate is precision cut from 1/4″ steel to fit perfectly onto the stock crossmember. Simply clean the paint off the frame for welding, and weld it in! Then, to make it “bombproof,” weld the supplied 3/16″ thick gussets on either side of the upper tabs. Finally, bolt on any bumper, from any manufacturer, and enjoy knowing the frame is up to the task! And the ever frequent incident with the rock and the front crossmember won’t be crushing the stock frame anymore! This plate also easily repairs and covers existing dented frames for a very clean installation. Get yours today, before you have major frame problems!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 5 × 1 in

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