Nitro FJ80 / FZJ80 Stock Replacement Birfields


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Stock replacement Birfields from Nitro Gear and Axle. These birfields are better suited for longevity as compared to HD Chromoly Birfields.  Birfields have ABS provisions. Will also work on non ABS applications.  1991-1994 Land Cruisers will need 95-97 drive flanges.




We highly recommend replacing the drive flange along with the birfield. You can find new drive flanges HERE.


Toyota Landcruiser Heavy Duty Replacement Birfield Joint

Tech Note:
*Fits Stock Inner Axles -Replaces OE 43405-60070.
*1991-1994 Models require the stronger 1995-1997 Drive Flange.
*Fits both ABS and Non-ABS vehicles.

Nitro Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series Replacement type Birfield Joints are designed to last. The 80 Series features a large, robust OEM CV joint called a Birfield. It is uncommon for these OEM joints to fail when running with other stock components; however, since 80 Series Land Cruisers are full-time 4WD the Birfields do wear constantly. In recent years we’ve seen off-roaders flocking to these 80 series, installing large tires and taking them 4-wheeling only to break the strong stock birfield joints. This is, more often than not, due to a joint that was already worn out and loose being overloaded, which leads to failure. Not everyone needs a Chromoly upgrade, these replacement Nitro Joints are a viable option for daily driven vehicles and they won’t break the bank. These joints benefit from state of the art machining, heat-treating and polishing processes for uniformity and increased strength.

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