Trail-Gear Fabricated Front Axle Builder Kit


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Fabricated Front Axle Builder Kit

Known for their strength, light weight, and simplicity, Toyota axles are the perfect fit for many custom off-road projects. Factory Toyota axle housings are available in a narrow range of widths which may not fit your crawler well. Trail-Gear Fabricated Axle Housings allow you to use Toyota axles in nearly any width from the narrowest of moon buggies to full-size trucks.
Trail-Gear’s Fabricated Axle Housings Builder Kits are available for Toyota 8”, 8″ E-locker, or 8.4″ differentials and feature all of the same specifications as our Rock Assault 9 axles. Fabricated Axle Housing Builder Kits include a 75-inch wide Trail-Gear axle housing and two Knuckle balls. You can cut the axle length to size and weld your knuckle balls where you need them. The included knuckle balls are brand new so that you no longer need to source 30 year old knuckle balls. Our knuckle balls are forged from 1035 steel, making them much stronger than stock, eliminating closed or bent knuckle balls.

We started with a 1/4″ thick formed shell for the center section made out of ASTM A36 steel. This is a high-strength, low alloy, structural steel plate with a minimum yield strength of 36,000 psi! All of this is attached to an equally strong 1/2″ thick faceplate for anchoring the 3.5” OD DOM axle tubes. The axle tubes are secured by the industry’s first 3-point attachment system, giving the tubes superior support and engagement into the center section. We also face the center section to ensure your differential mounts flush against the axle housing to prevent leaks.
We offer two different axle tube wall thickness options. The 1/4-inch wall tube version saves weight while the 3/8-inch wall tube version provides even greater durability. We also include seal housing kits for both sides.  Set screw holes for seal housings can be plug welded if using Toyota inner axle seals in the knuckle balls.

We recommend the addition of our Axle Housing Inspection Hole Kit to allow for easy fluid level and ring gear visibility. Just select “With Inspection Hole Kit Installed” in the drop down menu above. The kit is also available in a DIY installation version (requiring drilling through the differential housing and welding on a threaded bung).



  • Customer choice of Fabricated 8”, 8” Elocker, or 8.4” Axle housing
  • Customer choice of 1/4” or 3/8” wall tubing
  • 1/4” CNC formed center section
  • 1/2” Formed faceplate
  • DOM axle tube
  • 3-point attach system
  • Faceplate is machined after welding to ensure that the differential mounts flush
  • Includes 2 seal housing kits
  • Includes brand new knuckle balls
  • Cut to length housing is 75” wide
  • Ships bare
  • Oil Capacity Varies depending on axle width. We recommend having 1 Gallon of oil on hand and filling to the top of the fill plug hole.



306558-KIT (8″ Housing 3.5 OD – 1/4″ Wall Tube Knuckle Balls) TGI-308925 With Inspection Hole Kit Installed
306559-KIT (8″ Housing 3.5 OD – 3/8″ Wall Tube Knuckle Balls) TGI-308926 With Inspection Hole Kit Installed
306560-KIT (8″ E-Locker Housing 3.5 OD – 1/4″ Wall Tube Knuckle Balls) TGI-308927 With Inspection Hole Kit Installed
306561-KIT (8″ E-Locker Housing 3.5 OD – 3/8″ Wall Tube Knuckle Balls) TGI-308928 With Inspection Hole Kit Installed
306562-KIT (8.4″ Housing 3.5 OD – 1/4″ Wall Tube Knuckle Balls) TGI-308929 With Inspection Hole Kit Installed
306563-KIT (8.4″ Housing 3.5 OD – 3/8″ Wall Tube Knuckle Balls) TGI-308930 With Inspection Hole Kit Installed

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Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 10.5 × 15.5 in

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