Front Disc Brake Conversion (Solid Axle to Tacoma / Tundra / Gen 3 4Runner Brakes)




If you’ve EVER gotten into a Toyota front axle, you’ll love the ease of this teardown! Simply remove the 2 calipers bolts, and SLIP the rotor off!

Once the caliper and rotor are off, remove the locking hub dial, or drive flange cover, and the Birfield snap ring. Once the snap ring is off, you simply remove the spindle bolts. This is the chunk (pictured left) that comes off next. We refer to this as The Toyota Unit Bearing. At this point, you can pull your axle shaft, change a Birfield, or drop out a 3rd member. Notice, that no bearing has been touched!

Installation Notes:

  • Knuckles must be swapped side to side, positioning the factory caliper mounting ears facing forward. If using 6 shooter knuckles, you will need to cut or grind off one set of caliper mounting ears per knuckle to make room for this setup.
  • Must use 86-95 IFS wheel hubs, and these must have the OD of the wheel mounting flange turned down for the Tacoma / Gen 3 4runner / Tundra rotor to slip over, to about 6.680 diameter.
  • Caliper and rotor used must match each other. There are big brake and small brake 4runners depending on what size wheel came on the vehicle originally, same goes for the tundra brakes.


  • Uses 95.5-2004 Tacoma or 4runner rotors (stock) (not included) (tacoma caliper uses banjo brake fittings!)
  • Uses 96-02 4Runner rotors and calipers (Gen 3 4runner uses more common 10mm inverted flare brake fitting, same as all 79-95 trucks and 4runner)
  • Uses 99-06 Tundra rotors and calipers (Gen 1 Tundra uses more common 10mm inverted flare brake fitting, these are the largest brakes you can get and will require at least a 16″ wheel, some 16″ wheels will require a wheel spacer)
  • Uses ’86-’95 IFS wheel hubs (these must have the OD turned down a bit) (not included)
  • Accepts solid axle locking hubs or flanges (not included)

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in

Vehicle Type

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