Low Range Off-Road Toyota Backing Plate Eliminator w/ Brake Line Holder

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Product Description


Toyota Solid Axle backing plates, also called dust shields, are easily damaged. These backing plate eliminators replace your factory dust shield.

The stock backing plates also function as brake line holders. Other backing plate eliminators leave no provision to secure your brake lines.

Our Ultimate Toyota Backing Plate elimnators have resolved this by finallyintegrating a brake line locator with a discrete backing plate that will not get in your way.

Sold in Pairs.

Unique Features:

-Virtually Eliminates all brake hard line movement.

-Eliminates your factory flimsy Toyota Backing plate that can attract mud, rocks and inadequately vent rotors.

-Uses either factory or aftermarket spindle bolts / studs (Available at Low Range Off Road)

-Uses OEM Brake Hard Lines (Available at Low Range Off Road)

-Tri-Pass Zinc Plating for Corrosion Resistance


1979-1985 Toyota Solid Axle Hilux Pickups and 4Runners

All Aftermarket Toyota Axles Using Toyota Hilux/Pickup based spindles/knuckles.

Additional Information

Weight 2.20 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 4.5 in

Low Range Off-Road, Trail-Gear, Inc.

Vehicle Type

4Runner 1984-1985, 4Runner 1986-1989, 4Runner 1990-1995, Hilux / Pickup 1979-1983, Hilux / Pickup 1984-1985, Hilux / Pickup 1986-1988, Hilux / Pickup 1989-1995