Toyota diff stud eliminator

Heavy Duty Toyota Diff Stud Eliminator Kit


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Introducing our new Heavy Duty Toyota diff stud eliminator kit. We put this kit together to combat leaking diffs that are common in rock crawling. It is common to see stock and other aftermarket studs stretch and cause a dripping rear end. We use a 12.9 bolt (196,215PSI tensile strength) coupled with a 10.9 flanged nut (173,040PSI tensile strength) with a 12mm hex head (leave that 13mm socket at home!).  By using better grade fasteners we can achieve a torque spec of 26ft lbs. Stock studs, as well as some other aftermarket kits are only rated to 19-20ft lbs. By using a 10.9 nut with a 12.9 bolt, we ensure that if the nut gets over torqued, or loads from hard driving exceed the fasteners yield point, the nut will fail before the stud does.  Fits 8″ differentials. Does not include a gasket or FIPG.


Kit includes:

10) Class 12.9 M8x1.25 button head allen studs

10) Class 10.9 M8x125 Flanged Nuts with 12mm hex

10) Class 10.9 M8 Split Washers


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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .5 in

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