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Trail-Gear™ High Pinion Conversion Kits

$693.75 $649.00


Product Description

Now that Trail-Gear has made building and running a High Pinion differential so affordable, we have put together a conversion kit that will allow you to use your current V6 locker with our complete High Pinion conversion kits.

The kit will include everything that you will need to upgrade to a High Pinion 8′ differential:

  • High pinion differential housing
  • High pinion oil slinger
  • Ring & pinion setup kit
  • Solid pinion spacer
  • Trail-Creeper™ Ring & Pinion gears


Available options:

  • High Pinion Housing & Gear Kit, 4.88
  • High Pinion Housing & Gear Kit, 5.29

Additional Information

Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 20 x 16 in

Trail-Gear, Inc.

Vehicle Type

4Runner 1984-1985, 4Runner 1986-1989, 4Runner 1990-1995, Hilux / Pickup 1979-1983, Hilux / Pickup 1984-1985, Hilux / Pickup 1986-1988, Hilux / Pickup 1989-1995