ARP Knuckle Stud Kits (black)




Our Front Range Offroad ARP Hub stud kits have been proven in the field, so we have decided to take care of another weak link. With large tires, and especially with hydraulic assist steering, we’ve found the factory studs to be a problem area. The factory pieces are simply not up to the task, nor are the factory replacement studs out there. So, we contracted with ARP again to create Knuckle Studs from the same material as our Hub Stud Kits. These new Knuckle Studs are about .125″ longer, for more threads above the steering arms. Some manufacturers are not tapering the holes in their arms deep enough, so we simply made these studs longer. The kits include 8 studs, 8 class 10 all metal locking nuts, and a small tube of red thread lock. The studs must be thread locked into the knuckle to prevent loosening, and the locking nuts keep everything tight on the top side.

Keep your steering attached securely today, and prevent damage to your steering arms and knuckles with this stud kit!


Kit fits 1979-1985 pickup / 4runner solid front axles and all 60 and 80 series land cruisers.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in

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