Marlin Crawler Knuckle Ball Gusset Kit



This is our new & exciting Heavy Duty Knuckle Gusset Kit! What separates our new Heavy Duty Knuckle Gusset Kit from the rest?

• Full Stop-to-Stop Bracing

In the past, small add-on plates have been used to cap off the steering stop. We’ve now integrated the knuckle gusset itself with the steering stops.

• Four Braces Instead of Two

In the past we only used single braces on the top and bottom mounted perpendicular to the axle housing. Our new design features four braces to better spread the load and increase load rating.

• Angled Bottom Edge

The sharp edges of the old single perpendicular-mounted bottom brace were just crying for attention from rocks. Our new heavy duty design ramps the two bottom braces with a rounded edge for better functionality + strength.

• Full Ball-to-Spring-Perch Support

The upper plates extend to the spring perch where they are welded for full leaf spring to knuckle support!

• Compatible with Coil Over & Air Shocks

We’ve left enough room to fit common coil over and air shocks to the upper gusset.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

Vehicle Type

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