Trail Creeper™ 4.7 Single Transfer Cases







Trail Creeper™ 4.7 Single Transfer Cases

If you have a 4-cylinder 1979-1995 Toyota Pickup or a 4 cylinder 1985-1995 4Runner, as long as the truck didn’t have Automatic Differential Disconnect (ADD), the stock transfer case in the vehicle was a gear-driven RF1A with a 2.28:1 low range gear ratio.

It doesn’t take long to realize that a 2.28:1 low range is too high for some terrain.  More than twice the torque at half the speed can be achieved with 4.7:1 gear set in your transfer case.

While you could remove your T-case, drag it to the workbench and replace the 2.28 gears with 4.7 gears yourself,  spend more time on the trail by simply replacing your stock RF1A with our fully-built Trail-Creeper™ 4.7 Transfer Case.

Additionally, as shown in the Transmission Matrix below, our Trail-Creeper™ 4.7 Single Transfer Case can replace the VF1A chain-drive transfer case in a V6 Pickup or 4Runner when installed with the V6 Adapter Kit. We manufacture 12 different variations of this transfer case.  Choosing the right variation for your application requires defining the following three options:

Input Gear:  [21-Spline or 23-Spline]

Shifter Options:  [Top Shift,  Foward Shift 4″ Offset or Forward Shift 4.5″ Offset] – Top shift T-cases have the shifter(s) on top of the transfer case. Forward Shift T-cases have protruding shift forks that attach to shifter(s) mounted on the transmission.

Single or Twin Stick:  [Single Stick Only or Twin Stick Ready (Loose Interlock Pin)] – A twin-stick allows independent control of low/high range and 2WD/4WD engagement.  With a twin-stick configuration you can switch between 2WD and 4WD without stopping and access 2WD Low-Range for better handling when traveling between obstacles on a trail.

The transmission matrix below will assist you in determining which input gear and shifter options are compatible with your transmission.  It is up to you whether you opt for a single or twin-stick configuration to control your transfer case (as long as you don’t have a W56-C, D or E transmission that REQUIRES Single Stick).

79-83 L43/L45/L50/L52 21-Spline Top Shift
8/83-88 G52/G54 21-Spline Forward Shift-4.5″ Offset
85-88 W56A/B 21-Spline Top Shift
86-87 R151F 23-Spline Forward Shift-4.5″ Offset Bench Seat Models
86-87 R151F 23-Spline Top Shift Bucket Seat Models
88-95 R150F 23-Spline Top Shift This transmission was originally sandwiched between a 3VZ-E V6 engine and a VF1A chain-drive transfer case. Replacing this transfer case with a Trail-Creeper™ 4.7 Single Transfer Case requires our V6 adapter kit
89-95 W56-C/D/E 21-Spline Forward Shift-4″ Offset Single Stick ONLY!



If your adventures lead you to places where even a 4.7:1 transfer case gear ratio is insufficient, you can combine this case with our Trail-Creeper™ 2.28 Crawl Box to create a dual transfer case.

Please NOTE:

  • Our Trail-Safe™ T-case Output Seal will be included and installed at no additional cost.
  • If you are unsure if you have the 4″ or 4.5″ Forward Shift transfer case, please refer to the comparison image at the top of the page.
  • While these transfer cases ship with a new shifter base, neither the [Single Stick Only] cases nor the [Twin Stick Ready] cases ship with shifters.  Shifters must be purchased separately if needed (see “Related Products” below).

$400 CREDIT FOR CORES: We’re giving $400 store credit in exchange for old t-case cores. Contact our sales team today for more details.
NOTE: Only usable gear-driven cores will be accepted (subject to inspection). Participants must ship used cores at their own expense (no COD shipments accepted). Limited time offer subject to cancellation.


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Weight 75.00 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 13 in

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