All-Pro Long Travel Front Leaf Springs (1979-1995)


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Looking for super trail flex combined with a stable street ride and a great price to boot? Then we’ve got your springs. All the benefits of a custom spring with the advantages of mass production (lower cost and quicker delivery). Compare these features with other spring makers:

  • Consistent arch, lift and spring rate
  • Lower cost compared to custom springs
  • Shot peened leafs – reduces spring fatigue
  • Precycled to reduce sag
  • Anti-wrap leafs (rear)
  • Teflon liners (pads)
  • Full Military wrap
  • Sold in Pairs


Our All-Pro leaf spring are specially made to our specifications. We feel this is the ideal spring for the sport of rock crawling, soft enough to allow flex on the trail yet stiff enough to drive on the freeway safely. Our springs are designed for 79-95 Pickups and 4Runners in the 3000 – 4500 pound range. All of our front springs are designed identical left and right. We provide a small pad to be welded to the driver side spring perch. This makes both perches the same height.

Factory springs and other after market springs are made with different packs left and right to accommodate the mismatched factory perches. Using two different springs works as long as the springs are designed for the exact weight of the truck. However if the weight of the truck differs from the ideal weight for the springs the truck will lean to one side or the other because these springs have different spring rates. By using identical left and right springs we are able to make lift springs that don’t cause your truck to lean as other aftermarket springs can. Lifting your truck will require several modifications including steering, shocks, and drive shafts. For steering we recommend our Hy-Steer crossover steering. For shocks you can either replace your shocks with longer units in the stock location or replace the upper shock mounts with our long travel hoops and shocks. Your driveshafts may need to be lengthened when used with lifted suspension systems.


Many customers ask us what size spring we would recommend for their trucks. Generally speaking, we always try to keep our trucks as low as possible for stability on the trail. We would rather install a 4″ spring and do some trimming and cutting to make larger tires fit than do a 6″ spring with no trimming. The larger lift will create a top heavy truck that feels tippy on the trail.

If you want a lift that does not require trimming, a general rule of thumb is as follows:

4″ lift : 33″-35″ tire

5″ lift : 35″-36″ tire

6″ lift : 36″-37″ tire

This would take into account a 12.5″ tire width and 3.75″-4.25″ backspacing 8″ to 10″ wide rim. Wider tires will require a taller lift to avoid trimming. Because different tire manufacturers vary in sizes, we cannot guarantee this will work in every case, but is a good starting point. Of course larger tires can fit with some trimming to the fenders and firewall.  We have had 4″ lifts with 38″ tires, no body lifts, and zero rubbing when trimmed correctly.

Keep in mind that when installing our springs with our hangers and shackles, you will gain approximately 1.5″ additional lift from these components. So a 4″ spring in combination with our shackles and hangers will yield a 5.5″ approximate total lift height.

Bolt size: 18mm x 120mm up front and 18x150mm in the rear when using our shackles

Q:What is the length of your springs center eye to center eye?

A: These are the specifications for our leaf springs:

4″ Front Leaf Spring Specifications:
– Eyelet-to-Eyelet Length (Free):  43-7/8″ (1114 mm)
– Spring Rate:  281 lbs/in

5″ Front Leaf Spring Specifications:
– Eyelet-to-Eyelet Length (Free):  43-1/32″ (1093 mm)
– Spring Rate:  275 lbs/in

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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