Low Range Off-Road Samurai EOS Extreme Duty Transfer Case Cradle




For years now, the pages keep turning on the attempt to make the best transfer case cradle for the Suzuki Samurai.  Low Range Off Road set out to make an end to the story.

Over the years there has been several transfer case cradles to hit the market. While each of them have their benefits, every one of them also had their failings.

Low Range Off Road designed this after seeing the many transfer cases that had breakages after installing Low Range transfer case gears. The cradles that were currently on the market only attached to the transfer case in the factory bolt locations, therefore, not really adding to the rigidity of the case itself.

So what sets this cradle apart from just running the factory brackets?

Well, the factory brackets are made of thin sheet metal, and they do not attach onto more than the 4 bolt holes on each side of the case. When in high torque situations, or even just letting out the clutch too fast in low range, it can cause the mounts to bend, and in turn pulling or breaking the soft aluminum transfer case.

The factory brackets also only attach to 3 places at the frame, causing a weak situation with even the frame itself.

So, we went to the drawing board and made a mount that bolts in 17 locations to the transfer case itself.

Its a full circle of bolting, so integrally it strengthens the case, making your gears long lasting, and the case free from breakages.

We also did something that no one else has done, we made it mount to a 4th location on the frame. This reduces the chances of the frame breaking at the mounting points, something commonly found on the Samurai.

It is also designed to work perfectly with any E-Brake setup on the market. Integral to the cradle’s strength too is a lower skid plate which protects the transfer case from trail abrasion.

We include all necessary hardware, and even the drill bits needed to drill 2 holes in the factory transmission crossmember for the 4thmount.

The mount is CNC Laser Cut, NC Press Bent, hand tig welded and bi-color zinc plated for corrosion resistance. We are so confident in this cradle, we are offering a lifetime warranty against breakage.

We highly recommend this transfer case mount if you have any low range transfer case gears installed, because it will save you money in the end. A broken transfer case is what we have seen numerous times if this is not used.



  • 1- Backbone
  • 1- Long Arm
  • 1- Short Arm
  • 1- Skid Plate
  • -All Nuts, bolts and washers to mount up your transfer case.
  • 1-Factory Transfer Case Rubber Mount.
  • 2-Drill bits
  • 1- Full Color Instructions

Additional information

Weight 24.00 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 13 in


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