Low Range Off-Road Samurai Stage 3 Ceramic Clutch Kit




Stage 3 Ceramic Clutch for Suzuki Samurai

Stock or typical aftermarket Suzuki Samurai clutches are fine for normal, lighter-duty usage, but wear and performance can be significantly impacted by more extreme conditions. In such cases, a ceramic clutch is a great upgrade. Ceramic has properties that surpass the performance of woven glass or organic materials. Not only does ceramic last longer, but its performance doesn’t degrade as it wears. In addition, ceramic delivers the same level of performance whether hot or cold. This kit offers a much higher coefficient of friction than your factory clutch and increased friction equals more power to the wheels.


Clutch disk key features:

  • Made in USA Ceramic Material, up to 53% higher than imported materials and up to 130% longer life
  • 6 Spring Retainer Assembly with Severe Duty Retainer Rivets
  • 12 high-coefficient of friction Ceramic Pads for fast engagement and the extreme duty friction needed


Clutch pressure plate key features:

  • Made in Japan by an O.E. Manufacturer
  • Will not wear your foot out due to over sprung pressure plates (often experienced with painted pressure plates)
  • DST (Diaphram Spring Type), which is much better than other aftermarket clutch covers
  • Delivered unpainted to prevent heat caused by heavy usage from releasing unwanted fumes and odors into the cab


Kit includes:

  • 100% new clutch disk, made in the USA
  • 100% new clutch cover (pressure plate) made in Japan
  • New alignment tool, made in the USA
  • New pilot bearing
  • New high-quality release bearing (throw-out bearing)

Application Data:

  • 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai

Additional information

Weight 11.85 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 4.5 in


Vehicle Type