Trail-Gear™ 88-95 Toyota 3.0 V6 Adapter Kit

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3.0L V6 Adapter Plate

This adapter plate allows one or more gear driven transfer case(s) to be bolted up to 1988-1995 Toyota 3.0L V6 5 speed transmissions. Our updated design does not require modification to the transmission for installation thanks to the use of countersunk mounting hardware. Another exclusive feature is the use of all nine transmission mounting bolts on both single and dual case installations.

With our V6 adapter plate you can install the legendary Toyota gear driven transfer case(s) in your trail rig. These cases are known for their strength, reliability and configuration flexibility. With the correct adapter plate you can put one, two or even three transfer cases into your truck. Each case can have stock 2.28 gears or 4.70 low range gears installed.

Extensive vehicle modifications are required for installation including: retubing both front and rear drive shafts, additional floorboard hole for the second transfer case shifter, speedometer cable extension, and crossmember replacement.

Note: One top shift case will be needed to perform this conversion, for duals, both cases need to be top shift. Also required is one 23-spline 2.28 input gear.


  • Does not require modification to the transmission
  • Exclusive feature: Use of all nine transmission mounting bolts on both single and dual case installations

Application Data:

  • 1988-1995 Toyota Pickup (3.0L V6)
  • 1988-1995 Toyota 4Runner (3.0L V6)

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Weight 7.00 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

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