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1980-1990 60/62 Series Land Cruiser 3.1 & 4.1 Transfer Case Reduction Gear Sets by Sumo Gear Company


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Product Description

The lowest gear options available for the 1980-1990 Toyota FJ60 Transfer Case. MADE IN JAPAN!

Sumo Gear Company offers both 4.1:1 and 3.1:1 low range gears for your FJ60 Split Case T-Case. 4.1:1 gears will also lower high range by 10%.  3.1.1 gear kits include Idler and Low Speed gears only and will lower high range by 7%.

This kit is designed for use in a 38mm case which is identified by the 38mm diameter cluster pin and 19 spline input shaft.

A conversion kit using a custom made stepped cluster pin can be used in 34mm cases.

Clearancing inside the case is required.

The gears are manufactured in Japan, using the latest in gear cutting technology by an O.E. supplier to one of the largest Japanese Automakers.

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Sumo Gear

Vehicle Type

Land Cruiser FJ60-FJ62 1981-1990