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1990-2007 Toyota FJ80 / FZJ80 / 100 Series Land Cruiser 3.12:1 Transfer Case Gear Set by Sumo Gear Company


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Product Description

Give your 80 or 100 Series Land Cruiser some unstoppable pushing power with Sumo Gear’s 3:1 Transfer Case gear set. MADE IN JAPAN!

This simple modification will give you a 25% reduction over stock 2.488:1 low range gears.    The FJ80 is can handle the abuse of 35″+ tires.  Unfortunatly they also will quickly feel underpowered with anything larger than a stock tire set.  Regearing your differentials used to be your only option.  That often meant compromising between low range crawling ability and high range streetablilty.   Now you can combine lower diff gears with the 3:1 low range transfer case kit.  This allows you to choose more moderate diff gears for the street and still get rock crushing torque off-road.

Sumo Gears are manufactured in Japan, using the latest in gear cutting technology by an O.E. supplier to one of the largest Japanese Automakers.



80 Series 1991-1997

100 Series 1998-2007



Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 2 in

Sumo Gear

Vehicle Type

Land Cruiser 00-07, LX450, LX470, Land Cruiser FJ80 1991-1997