Front Range Twin Stick for RF1A


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The Twin-Stick allows the use of two-wheel drive low range, and a true neutral. As well as the ability to shift-on-the-fly, while in low range, from 2wd to 4wd and back easily, this is especially useful with a locker in the front axle, and allows for a tighter turning radius. With the factory shifter configuration, neutral only disengages the transfer case from the transmission. This actually has the front and rear drivelines locked together, which is not a great setup for towing either.

The two-wheel drive low range is great for people with a front locker. As those of you setup with a front locker know, the locker keeps pulling you straight when you are trying to turn. With the Twin-Stick, just moving the 2/4 lever into two wheel drive disengages the front axle, and the locker is no longer pulling you straight. This makes tight turns much easier, while allowing the slow speed control of low range. By having 2wd low, the front axle is relieved from undue stress, and four wheel drive can be re-engaged, even while moving, by just throwing one lever.



  • A completely sealed Twin-Stick assembly
  • This shifter does not use old, worn stock parts. This is a completely new unit.
  • Levers are 1/2″ mild steel to allow bending to get the knobs in the perfect spot
  • Tips are heat treated tool steel for lifetime lasting performance


Q: Will the Twin-Stick fit my vehicle?
A: It fits TOP SHIFT gear drive RF1A transfer cases found behind 22RE engine trucks and 4runners from 1979-1995.  There is not one available for the automatic tranny/t-case combinations. Some tranny/t-case setups have both shifters in one plate. It won’t work in these because it includes a new mounting plate. It does fit the rear cases of dual transfer case setups.


Q: What’s involved in the modification to the transfer case?
A: You must drain and remove the transfer case from the vehicle.  You must remove the Interlock Pin. This pin keeps the 2 shift rails from sliding independently and engaging two-wheel drive, low range. It requires only a couple wrenches, hammer, and a small punch.

Q: Can I use the Twin-stick with a dual case setup?
A: Yes, it just installs in the rear case.

Q: Does the Twin-Stick allow front wheel drive only?
A: No, for front only, a rear disconnect is required.

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