Trail-Gear™ FJ80 Transfer Case Spool Locker


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FJ80/FJ100 Spool Locker for Transfer case Part Time Conversion.

Transfer Case Part Time 4WD Spool Kit is an excellent option to increase the performance of your FJ80 or FJ100 Land Cruiser.  The tough heat-treated 8620 tool steel spool and Delrin spacer replaces the rear differential case, spider gears, rear side gear, and viscous coupler in the transfer case center differential.  This allows the drivetrain to be permanently locked to the rear wheels.  As a result, the front drive flanges can be replaced with manual locking hubs (not included), which prevent the front axles, front differential, and front driveshaft from turning when 4WD is not needed.  The result is improved steering feel on the road, less wear and tear on front axle components, and increased acceleration and fuel economy when not in 4WD.

Transfer Case Part Time 4WD Spool Kit includes the spool, Delrin spacer, spacer mounting screws, instructions, and a tube of Ultra-Grey silicone.  Manual locking hubs, axle shaft spacers, and a Center Differential Lock Switch are required to complete the conversion to 4WD.

This kit is fully compatible with our Trail-Creeper FJ80/FJ100 3.116:1 Low Range T-Case Gear Set and can be installed at the same time.

Note:  We highly recommend that you read the installation instructions thoroughly before ordering, as this will affect the way you engage 4WD on your vehicle.  Also, after conversion to Part-Time 4WD, Front ABS will only function when the locking hubs are engaged.  When the locking hubs are not engaged, the front brakes will function like a standard braking system (no anti-lock capability).


  • Heat-treated 8620 tool steel spool with Delrin spacer.
  • Includes spool, spacer, spacer mounting screws, Ultra-Grey silicone, and installation instructions.
  • Converts Full-Time 4WD or All-Wheel 4WD to Part-time 4WD.
  • Replaces the factory transfer case differential assembly and viscous coupler, permanently locking the rear output to the spool.
  • Compatible with Trail-Creeper FJ80 3.116:1 Low Range T-Case Gear Set.
  • Improves steering feel.
  • Increase in fuel economy from not being in Full-Time 4WD (fuel savings dependent on driving habits and how often locking hubs are engaged).
  • Less wear on front axle components.
  • Requires FJ80 or FJ100 locking hubs, axle shaft spacers, and OEM Center Differential Lock Switch to complete conversion.

Application Data:

  • 1990-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80
  • 1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ100
  • 1995-1997 Lexus LX 450
  • 1998-2007 Lexus LX 470

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