Yotamasters “Mall” Hooded Windbreaker

$59.00 $49.00



Keep that desert wind at bay with our new Water resistant hooded windbreakers! These make for a super stylin addition to our top-of-the-line hoodies. These Jackets are extremely versatile. They will ensure you look your very-best on nearly any Mall excursion, as well as keep you warm and cozy on your way back from Outer Limits at 3AM! Have you ever fallen asleep around the campfire and spilled your beer on yourself? (be honest!) With our Jackets state-of-the-art engineering, your beer will roll right off of your jacket, keeping you fresh and clean! (spill test videos coming soon!) 


Features include:

  • Less scratches
  • No dents
  • Rig always clean
  • Don’t have to heck around with airing up 
  • All TSBs up to date
  • Fear No Curb
  • Makes washboard fun again
  • 100% nylon 330D with Interior PU waterproof coating
  • Beerproof Coating = Level 3
  • Inner PU Coating: Breath-ability/Permeability = 5,000
  • Antique brass 6 snap front closure
  • Sexy = Level 11
  • Guaranteed

Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in